Sleeping Aids

Because of its calming nature on the body, a common question is whether ginger will make you sleepy. It increases the circulation and many people report that it gives them more energy. When it is time for sleep though, ginger may help remove toxins that used to lead to sleeplessness, helping you fall asleep.
Can ear plugs improve your sleep?
If you are a light sleeper like myself, you may have been wondering if it’s worth sleeping with earplugs in? Just how bad/good are they? The answer [...]
Many people report that listening to audio books in bed helps them fall asleep. Keep the volume just barely audible, so it’s easier to drift off when you’re ready.
Do herbal remedies work for insomnia?
The short answer is yes – herbs can make you sleepy – but the only ones that were properly studied by scientists are: Passionflower Kava Hops [...]
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